Done-For-You Facebook™ Marketing that’s proven to convert.

Smart targeting, cost-planning, content management, and branding for your FB ads.

Why Facebook™?

Brands like Samsung™, Amazon™, and even Microsoft™ spends millions of dollars on Facebook™ advertising every single year…and guess what, these budgets are constantly on the rise.  Facebook™ remains to be the top market source for business globally or locally.

Not to shock you but even
Google™ advertises on Facebook™

Guess what???

These big brands can’t be wrong

In marketing, you only continue a campaign that converts… so the only explanation for the huge Facebook™ ads budget is MASSIVE CONVERSION.

Check this out:

  • Facebook™ has over 2.5 billion monthly active users... With about 1.47 billion of them logging in every single day.

  • 26% of Facebook™ users who clicked on ads reportedly made a purchase.

  • 42.2% of people like or follow a business page so they can get exclusive offers.

  • 57% of consumers say that social media influences their shopping.

With all these stats, it becomes so glaring why Facebook™ marketing is the deal…  all your customers and future customers are already on Facebook™ and as such, Facebook™ advertising can help you 10x your business reach and increase your profit massively.

Despite all this...

Facebook™ is getting more and more influential
and relevant each passing day

Facebook™ marketing offers flexible and directed targeting options. So you can target your audience based on age, gender, income, interest, location etc.

LookAlike Audience.
With the facebook lookalike targeting option, you can Reach People Similar to those Who Have Converted on your Adverts before.

Cheap and Affordable
Despite the flexibility with Facebook™  advertising, you can still set up ads campaign with as low as a 5$ budget

That’s unbelievable right?!

But wait a minute!

Using such a massive and flexible system can’t be anywhere near easy.

With the constant changes in policies and developments.  The learning curve is just too wide!… learning will require so much time, energy, a huge budget, testing, optimize and retest… And not so many persons can scale such a curve!

Even freelance Facebook™ ADS guys out there can’t give you a guarantee that their campaigns are always profitable because what’s effective few months ago may not be effective now… And if not profitable, of what use would it be??

Have you struggled with one or more of these pains?:

Do you find it difficult to advertise your products on Facebook™ and get the desired results?

Good thing we're here!

With PH Digimark, you can have your Facebook™ advertising running in no time.  Enjoy our Done-For-You FB ads services the smart way.

We continue to grow with the trend.  Our system and strategies are always up to date to adapt with the changes in the digital marketing landscape. Research and development with you in  mind is our priority.

With our advanced software and tools, we innovate with the industry standards to give you the most accurate, cost-efficient, and effective execution that you deserve.

Everything is done-for-you.  We just need to understand your marketing goals and leave everything to us.  We want you to spend more time in growing your business.

our solutions

These are the key features that separate us from traditional marketers and freelancers.  The constant amendments that Facebook™ is implementing motivates us to innovate and provide you with the best advertising solution that works.

your benefits

So, let’s recap what you will gain from choosing us as your Facebook™ ADS manager.  

Put an end to your pains.

Click any button Below and let's help you crush those sales and marketing goals using Facebook™ advertising.

audience explorer

Normally, you can just extract around 20-25 results from the interest you search through FB Ad Set. 

We can explore hundreds and hundreds of your target audiences’ interest to give a laser targeted campaign.  Improving your ROI and higher conversion rates.

Auto-Boost Campaigns

We can automatically boost regular posts that generates high engagements to maximize its performance.

You set the rules when your regular posts reach certain criteria such as no. of reach, likes, comments, shares, post type, no. of days after a post was published, , total views and/or length of watched videos, clicks, impressions, and many more…

This will save you a whole lot of time monitoring your posts and creating your ads.

Re-target Filter

Facebook already provides you with a retargeting feature. We provide a conversion booster ad-on that filters only your highly engaged customers. Easily find & target your super-customers that are the easiest to convert. Pre-qualify audiences based on their time spent in specific website pages, date of visit, percentage of viewed portion in your website, no. of visits, referral source, language, and many more…

professional ad copy

May it be a link click, video view, send message, buy now, or lead capturing goal, our professionally written highly persuasive ad copy influences your target audience to get closer to conversion.  Again, all done-for-you.

Smart Ads Monitor

Spy on top performing ads from other pages within your industry or niche. See how was this profitable ads created. Their target audience, copywriting, media, etc.

We learn from this ads and pattern our own campaigns.

high quality media

Facebook™ newsfeeds are flooded with sponsored posts everyday. It takes a striking media to catch people’s attention to begin with. Our proven scroll stopper graphics and studio quality videos will be your primary tool to reach your hard-to-win audiences.

*Videos ordered from us may incur additional cost.

Audience Cloner

Our system explores the audience details of other pages (can be your competitors too).

Chances are better if we target the audience interests that are already converting from other top-performing pages. We create look-alike custom audiences to fully suit your campaign objectives.

Costing you less while converting better.

ROI Estimator

We provide cost estimates prior to publishing of your ads. This will give you a better vision on the results and make necessary adjustments throughout the course of the campaign. Calculate you potential ROI ahead of time.